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222 days (8 months)

45 days (1.5 months)

Baan Sakorn's MISS MAE is going to live in Milan, Italy in September 2014

Baan Sakorn TRD in Poland
Dinner Time Sanoon says, "You want to do what?"

Hello to all who has that special interest in the Thai Ridgeback Dog from Baan Sakorn TRD. As you can see by our photos, we pride ourselves in having the finest TRD you will ever find.

For the past 20 years, Jack Sterling has brought to the world this breed he had discovered in March of 1994. The Thai Ridgeback Dog or Mah Thai Lung Arn, and as he called them in the summer of 1994... the TRD. Not a "TR or a TRB" but only the TRD..

People from over 150 countries have now seen via this website or have even bought a TRD from Mr. Jack or from the many other good (and some not so good) people from around the world. Mr. Jack has told me personally that he does not care much for those who need slander as a way to communicate. So many hateful people in all breeds of dogs these days.

Those people who do that, do it in many different ways and it only shows how ignorant they are of this fine man I have grown to love and respect for what he had done for this Thailand's favorite breed. I was only 14 years old when I saw this website for the first time and I have watched it grow as I have to my current age of 34 and now that I am so amazingly lucky to be a part of his dream. I promise to continue to breed only his best TRD for you the new future buyers of the breed bred here in Thailand.

Owner of Baan Sakorn TRD 
Sincerely, Jeab Chobngan

WELCOME to Baan Sakorn TRD located in Chiang Mai Northern Thailand

THAILAND... We live in Thailand and NOT in New York or do we live in Los Angeles or do we live in San Francisco. Jack Sterling moved to Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand in March of 1994 from San Francisco. He returned to his home in America in January 1995 to begin his traveling through 32 states over a 8 year time period. He moved back to Chiang Mai on the 11th of October 2003. He bred his TRD for the next 8 years all alone with little help from others. I joined him on March 9th 2010 and he gave me the job to care for all the dogs and total breeding control in 2011. All the TRD you see on his website are TRD I created from using his 9 different bloodlines. All of our TRD are registered with the Kennel Club of Thailand (KCTH).

TRD Puppies coming in September..
2 litters of Blue and 2 litters of Red puppies..

I've decided to breed 4 of our best females to 3 of our best males.

SAKORN x SINATRA  on July 5th and puppies due in about Sept. 5th (BLUE to BLUE)

SAKORN XX the sire SINATRA just bred SINATRA very pregnant SINATRA w/ her litter

TESCO x FLOWER on July 12th and puppies due in about Sept. 12th (SUPER RED to RED)

TESCO breeding FLOWER FLOWER just bred FLOWER very pregnant FLOWER w/ her litter

OTOP x PRECIOUS III on July 19th and puppies due in about Sept. 19th (FAWN to BLUE)

OTOP  the sire PRECIOUS just bred PRECIOUS very pregnant PRECIOUS w/ her litter

TESCO x SABRINA on July 26th and puppies due in about Sept. 26th (SUPER RED to RED)

TESCO breeding SABRINA SABRINA just bred SABRINA very pregnant SABRINA w/ her litter

I will post the result of these 4 breeding's as they happen in September. Photos of our four females , SINATRA, FLOWER, PRECIOUS III, and SABRINA before they whelp (birth) their litters and after their whelping (birthing) of each litter will be posted in the green boxes...

What Available Now?

We have now only 1 blue male and 1 black female puppies for sale... 

  Name: PITAK
Color: BLUE
DoB:Dec 25th 2013
Exp Date: Apr 25th 2014  
  Name: EDUM 5
Color: BLACK
DoB: Feb 5th 2014
Exp Date: June 5th 2014  

How it all began..

"Thai Silk" was the kennel name of the late Mr. Somsit Leelhausuwan in Bangkok. He had this totally marvelous Thai Champion stud dog called BLUE, but it was spelled as BULL. This same "Mah Thai Lung Arn" or in the English language a Thai Ridgeback Dog (or as I re-named them in 1994, a TRD just short for the "Thai Ridgeback Dog") as an advertising gimmick in all the dog magazines of that day in the USA because there wasn't yet the INTERNET as a tool to promote or advertise with. Most all of the BLUE TRD for the past 20+ years came from his TRD called BULL. Today, across the world, many people are using my simple term to call they own dogs of this breed.   

Remember this before you buy this breed of dog!
The TRD is NOT for everyone...

The above blue TRD is Thai Silk's BULL...

What Kind Of Dog Is That???  

4 months old on March 5th 2013 2 years old on Nov. 5th 2014

This all you will hear from everyone who sees your new Baan Sakorn puppy...And all you will say is this:

"This is a very ancient breed of dog bred ONLY in Thailand for the past 400 years. They are called in Thailand the "Mah Thai Lung Ahn" which if you translate into English they are called the "Thai Ridgeback Dog." And Jack Sterling decided to call the the "TRD" for short in 1994 as a way to advertize them in magazine before there was an Internet or social media sites like Facebook and Google +...

The two most desired colors in this breed of dog from Thailand...

Now are you thinking about buying a TRD?

Baan Sakorn is your best source of the Thai Ridgeback puppies...


The TRD is a tough, active, jungle-like dog that can be very fierce in nature and also can be very difficult to reckon with as new novice dog owner... These dogs are not for everyone. If you are to be a first time dog owner, I would strongly suggest you to forget about this breed until you are a wee bit more experienced in dogs and what they can do... Remember this is at least 10-12 years of your life too!

If you think this breed is right for you then call me for the "real ride" of your life... the Thai Ridgeback Dog
The TRD Rainbow... RED, BLUE, BLACK, and FAWN

L to R: Tony (RED male), Emma (BLUE female), BlackJack (BLACK male), and Lola (FAWN female)

The Thai Ridgeback Dog breed comes in 4 different colors..BLUE, BLACK, RED, FAWN
What we specialize in RED, BLUE, and sometimes BLACK...

Think of this before you buy...
The TRD breed may NOT be for you !!!
Do as much research as you can and ask our past TRD buyers what they think...
So, if you do decide you want a puppy, then we are here to serve you the best we can...

Over the past 20 years of breeding the Thai Ridgeback Dog, Jack Sterling TRD has be able to share his TRD with over 500 people to more than 20 different countries across the world. Many others have tried to copy him and this website. It seems that only jealousy, greed. and envy is what motivates these people to copy the leader.