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What Available Now?

We have now only 1 blue male and 1 blue female puppies for sale...

We also have ten males and ten females who could go as breeders or pets...They are priced at rock bottom prices and half of these TRD are free to good homes No new pups until the breeding season starts again in maybe September of this year 2014...

  Name: PITAK
Color: BLUE
DoB:Dec 25th 2013
Exp Date: Apr 25th 2014  
  Name: SUAY
Color: BLUE
DoB: Jan 5th 2014
Exp Date: May 5th 2014
About 4 years ago, we sold a pet quality chocolate male we called ALIEN to a man in Phuket, Thailand. When I ask him what he thought of his TRD is, He said, "No one will very be his master but me!"

This is our next possible breeding and both over 3 years old.

SABRINA comes into her the heat cycle soon, and LOTUS is ready!

How it all began..

"Thai Silk" was the kennel name of the late Mr. Somsit Leelhausuwan in Bangkok. He had this totally marvelous Thai Champion stud dog called BLUE, but it was spelled as BULL. This same "Mah Thai Lung Arn" or in the English language a Thai Ridgeback Dog (or as I re-named them in 1994, a TRD just short for the "Thai Ridgeback Dog") as an advertising gimmick in all the dog magazines of that day in the USA because there wasn't yet the INTERNET as a tool to promote or advertise with. Most all of the BLUE TRD for the past 20+ years came from his TRD called BULL. Today, across the world, many people are using my simple term to call they own dogs of this breed.   

Remember this before you buy this breed of dog!
The TRD is NOT for everyone...

The above blue TRD is Thai Silk's BULL...

What Kind Of Dog Is That???  

This all you will hear from everyone who sees your new Baan Sakorn puppy...And all you will say is this:

"This is a very ancient breed of dog bred ONLY in Thailand for the past 400 years. They are called in Thailand the "Mah Thai Lung Ahn" which if you translate into English they are called the "Thai Ridgeback Dog." And Jack Sterling decided to call the the "TRD" for short in 1994 as a way to advertize them in magazine before there was an Internet or social media sites like Facebook and Google +...

The two most desired colors in this breed of dog from Thailand...

Now are you thinking about buying a TRD?

Baan Sakorn is your best source of the Thai Ridgeback puppies...

The TRD is a tough, active, jungle-like dog that can be very fierce in nature and also can be very difficult to reckon with as new novice dog owner... These dogs are not for everyone. If you are to be a first time dog owner, I would strongly suggest you to forget about this breed until you are a wee bit more experienced in dogs and what they can do... Remember this is at least 10-12 years of your life too!

If you think this breed is right for you then call me for the "real ride" of your life... the Thai Ridgeback Dog

Meet TESCO LOTUS our 3 year old Super Red Black male TRD 

This is our largest Jet Black male TRD called BLACKJACK

Our #1 SUPER RED male TRD TONY Jr.

Here is a rescue TRD we found running alone on the streets as a puppy. 
We called him ... WILLIE WONKA

The Thai Ridgeback Dog "soon to be" in Italy 
Senorina Valentina Varjacic of Milan, Italy wants my only female that we have from that December 25th litter. She will get this female after a 3 month in home quarantine due to the EU rules on shipping dogs. We will ship her this puppy in about August of this year after this in home quarantine for all EU countries.

Valentina Varjacic Miss Mae

Below are two videos of our Dec. 25th 2013 TRD litter of puppies.

The TRD Rainbow... RED, BLUE, BLACK, and FAWN

L to R: Tony (RED male), Emma (BLUE female), BlackJack (BLACK male), and Lola (FAWN female)

The Thai Ridgeback Dog breed comes in 4 different colors..BLUE, BLACK, RED, FAWN
What we specialize in RED, BLUE, and sometimes BLACK...

Think of this before you buy...
The TRD breed may NOT be for you !!!
Do as much research as you can and ask our past TRD buyers what they think...
So, if you do decide you want a puppy, then we are here to serve you the best we can...

Mr. Tran Duc Hiew of Hanoi, Vietnam is the proud owner of a Baan Sakorn TRD

Over the past 20 years of breeding the Thai Ridgeback Dog, Jack Sterling TRD has be able to share his TRD with over 500 people to more than 20 different countries across the world. Many others have tried to copy him and this website. It seems that only jealousy, greed. and envy is what motivates these people to copy the leader.