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It has been 26 years of breeding TRD
My last 20 TRD Puppies are now for Sale

3 Red, 4 fawn, 4 blue males...
3 Red, 2 fawn, 4 blue females...

All pups are ready to ship to the USA..
Prices range from $500 - $1500

Contact me in after sending me your contact info from the website.

Plus ask about the 14 TRD I have as pets only for only $100 each the cost of having them fixed. Ages are 1 to 5 years of age.

Jack Sterling's "Baan Sakorn TRD" of
Thai Ridgeback Dogs

Thai Ridgeback Dogs come in 4 colours..
The TRD Rainbow... RED, BLUE, BLACK, and FAWN

L to R: Tony (RED male), Emma (BLUE female), BlackJack (BLACK male), and Lola (FAWN female)

Meet "Max" our new super red TRD puppy and totally kid friendly. He's the very best you will find..

Every one's "first question" is where do we live?

The answer is: We live in Saraphi, a suburb along the Ping River running through the city of Chiang Mai which is the 2nd largest city in the north of Thailand about 700 kilometers or 500 miles from the capitol of Bangkok, in the mid section of Thailand.
 (See the map)

The second question is normally "HOW MUCH" for a TRD puppy...?? 

The answer is: No one can really say "How Much" before the 6th to 8th week and get a honest answer. The TRD puppy or adult will vary in price due to colour, sex, and quality.

What are the rules on shipping TRD 
From Thailand to any country, all over the world, that are not associated with the UK or the EU or are of "island" nation statis?

All TRD must have their needed vaccines including the rabies vaccine at 90 days or the 3rd month. Then an automatic wait of 30 days before we can ship any said puppy to whatever country you reside in. OR you can come here to get your puppy at the 7th to 8th week and carry it home with you in the cabin of most airliners as your "carry on luggage. Shipping to the USA is the quickest way.

What are the rules on shipping TRD 
From Thailand to all 21 EU countries, the UK, AUS, NZ, Japan, plus all island nations who are under the two rules of:
(1) a "blood test" (for the rabies vaccine) 
(2) a 90 day wait period (before we can ship to one of these countries)

No one can ship or transport any dog or puppy of any breed to the UK or and other EU country until a blood test is done and then a "90 day wait" or quarantine. 

The blood test is required in all UK and EU counties and most "island nations" as well. (AUS, NZ, Japan, Madagascar, La ReUnion, to name a few.) then comes a 90 day self quarantine in a approved boarding facility or in ones home.
The soonest any person in any EU or UK countries can get a TRD from Thailand is by the 7th month after whelping. 
This is how it works for all UK and EU countries: 
  • (1) 1st parvo / distemper vaccine is given at the 6th week. (42 days)
  • (2) 2nd parvo / distemper vaccine is given at the 9th week. (63 days)
  • (3) 3rd parvo / distemper vaccine is given at the 12th week. (84 days)
  • (4) 1st rabies vaccine is also given at the 3rd month. (90 days)
30 days after the 1st rabies vaccine is given the vet here in Thailand will draw blood to convert it into a serum. That serum is sent to a vet in the UK that tests it for the rabies antibodies. It will pass for sure.

Now, start that "90 wait period" that is required by all countries in the UK and the EU. At the end of that 90 day wait period the said puppy can be shipped into the UK or any EU country. 

There is NO OTHER WAY. The TRD puppy will be at least 6-7 months or older at the time of shipping. 

Tell me about the prices of Pet Quality verses Top quality TRD??

A pet quality TRD puppy can sell for about $300 to $900 USD.
A show/breed able quality TRD puppy can sell for $1500 to $3000 USD.

The below 3 photos are that of a "PET QUALITY" puppy from $300 to $900...

The next 3 photos are that of a "TOP QUALITY" puppy from $1500 to $3000... 

If you are just looking at puppies I hope my photos help you decide on what you want. If the TRD breed is what you want then figure on paying at least $200 for a cage and the shipping is figured on where that cage with puppy is going across the globe.

A TRD puppy can ship at 3-4 months of age. The cost of a TRD at this age is up to each breeder on what quality he/she has bred. You can figure on paying from $300 to $3000 depending on the colour and quality from most breeders worldwide. The vaccines, microchip, and any vet HC or checkups are on us.

Lets say a good blue TRD is $2000. To some people that is okay and to one guy in Florida it was just too much.. Lots a great folks wanting a TRD and many who are not nice people wanting as well.. It is hard to know people in just one email only asking HOW MUCH?? My daddy would say if you ask how much most likely you can't afford one!

Then I will ask you SIX very important questions to me...

Here are some of my questions to you...

(1) How old are you? 
(2) Where do you live?
(3) What colour do you want?  RED, BLACK, FAWN or BLUE??
(4) What sex do you want male or female?? 
(5) What quality do you want... Show/Breed quality or Pet quality??
(6) And last I ask you... what do you want to spend??

For over 21 years I have seen these TRD in all 4 colours go for as low $200 and as high as $4000. It's all depending on the quality, colour, and structure. The average cost for a good quality breeder TRD is about $2000 plus or minus. The cage and shipping is extra. Also the prices all vary due to what country you live in. The EU, UK, NZ, and AUS, and all "island" nations are for sure a lot more money due to the mandatory blood test and 90 waiting period that those countries demand. All other countries are easier for sure.

These are the 3 best ways to contact us in person.. 
(1) Come to Thailand and meet us at  my front door in person.. 
(2) Call by  using FACEBOOK messenger.

(3) Plus join the TRD  FB page: Thai Ridgeback Dog Community 

Now, everyone wants to know about the payment for a TRD??

  1. A simple bank deposit into my Bank of America account in California if you live in the USA 
  2. Also into my Bangkok Bank account here in Chiang Mai if you live in Thailand... 
  3. Money Gram or Western Union location if you want it done instantly from anywhere in the world.
  4. In cash, in my hand, at my home. 
Read my many testimonials from the many different buyers over the 25 years..  

I can promise this to everyone. I will NOT sell anyone a TRD or puppy without filling out our Contacts Page first. Or will I sell a TRD to anyone without a face to face meeting on one of the 5 Apps before we do any sort of business. The prevents the "TIRE KICKERS" my daddy warned me about over 50 years ago..

We want only sincere and honest buyers who want the very best in this breed.

The Rules on shipping... 

We can ship any of these pups to anywhere in the USA, Russia, Africa, Asia and all countries with the 4th month rule on shipping. To those other countries like the UK and all EU plus island nations is a required blood test with an automatic 90 wait period before we can ship them out at the 7th month. 

This is my 21 year observation in picking out a breedable TRD puppy.
At what age can you reasonably guess on a TRD, as a breeder for your next generation of puppies?

8 weeks ? or 12 weeks ?? or 16 weeks ???


When can you smell the flower? The best time to pick a "breeder" TRD is at 6 to 8 months. Just about the time she is ready for her first "heat cycle." A breeder can really tell what his female will be. Any breed of dog cannot be shown until the 6th month.

Cause it has matured enough to see all the faults. NO ONE knows what a puppy will turn out to be at such a early age as a wee tiny puppy. They all look cute at that age, but to be sure on the structure, the movement, the over all temperament.. your "pick puppy" in any good breeding should be as old as a 6-8 month old for sure. I have seen the TRD other people calling themselves a "TRD breeder" are using and I must say I am so glad I have the TRD I do have. You will not find finer or better TRD then right here in Chiang Mai Thailand and from the good Thai breeders who have sold us our TRD over the past 20 years.

Welcome to...

Jack Sterling's "Baan Sakorn TRD"
of Thai Ridgeback Dogs

in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand

Jack Sterling was the "FIRST" importer of the TRD breed into America in 1994 who had lived in San Francisco, CA from 1975 to 1994 and also the first breeder too.

The Thai Dog breed he had discovered on a chanced trip to Bangkok Thailand are the most favorite breed in Thailand for over 400 years and they were called the "Mah Thai Lung Arn" or as Jack called them the "Thai Ridgeback Dog" or the "TRD" for short. On March 15th of 1994, Jack took his two youngest of his then three newly acquired "Thai Dogs" and now famous TRD to show at ARBA's 3rd Cherry Blossom Rare Breed Dog Show in Washington DC on the nation's Mall in front of the Capitol Building on April 30th-May 1st 1994. There he was lucky to have met both the President and his wife as well as be featured on the local news stations and WIN the classes he had enter as well.. What a wonderful way to start off this lovely awesome breed to America and its rare breed dog lovers... Jack Sterling traveled for a total of 9 years across the USA in his 1964 Chevy panel truck through over 35 states showing them at pet shows, dog shows, rare breed dog shows and pet expos. Basically living on the road like a "rock star" and then in October of 2003 moved back to Thailand to spend the next 15 years doing what he loved the most. Breeding his "Thai Dogs" to offer to all peoples his TRD puppies as pets worldwide. His life story and book about the TRD is coming soon...

The first litter at 6 weeks, born on May 19th, 1994.    The first litter of TRD  at 3 months.

The very first time 47 years old Jack Sterling held his first BLUE TRD called SAKORN. 20 years later, 67 year old Jack Sterling is shown holding his favorite blue male APPLE PIE.

Jack's 1st TRD.. SAKORN lived a amazing life for 13 years & 355 days. He was the dog that inspired the term TRD in 1994. 
October 25 1993- October 15th 2007
Jack's 2nd TRD.. NAVINEE lived only one year, but it to was a amazing year. The US Capitol.. in 1994 was the backdrop of the Cherry Blossom Rare breed dog show where the 1st TRD in the USA were shown for the 1st time.

Today, 20 years later in Chiang Mai Thailand along with Miss Jeab Chobngan of Baan Sakorn TRD they produce all 4 colors of this breed.

Blue Black Fawn Red

Looking for a TRD puppy?
What colour do you want?
Pet quality, breed quality, or show quality? 
We can export worldwide at the 4th month.  


Email me at j
Friend request me in Facebook @ 
Video call me in Skype, LINE, and WhatsApp using all the same ID.. ThaiDog.com,
Coming soon you can follow me in Twitter,
But the fastest way is to just call me directly on my mobile cell phone # (in Thailand) @: 66-81-716-0420 if you have a serious interest.

Remember Thailand time is 12 hours from EST, 13 hours from CST, 14 hours from MST, and 15 hours from PST. During the Daylight Savings Time you need to subtract 1 hour from all 4 time zones if you are in the USA or Canada. Thai Time is 7 hours ahead of Greenwich Time in the UK. 

All offers are considered. 

Jack Sterling TRD
Jeab Chobngan TRD
Baan Sakorn TRD.

Now, comes the question you all want to know: 

How much does a TRD puppy cost? 

From $300 to $3000 .. depending on the colour and quality is the answer.

When we receive emails asking this basic question on "How much does a puppy cost," I find it extremely difficult to answer this question right away, due to the fact that there is 4 different colours as well as two to three different qualities in most puppies of any breed. Most people want the "bottom line" price and that is difficult to say not knowing where on the "earth" that we will be shipping... the quality that you want. The TRD can have puppies born with "no ridge" or a very small ridge. Some can have a DSC or known to many different breeds as the Dermoid Sinus Cyst. Some puppies will have crooked legs, short or curly tails.. the breed standard clearly says a straight or curved tail set. A good and honest TRD breeder will always tell any new potential buyer of a TRD puppy of what are their "shortcomings" of each and every puppy as well as its attributes.

The TOP TEN things to look for in a TRD puppy...

(1)   Is the skull too large or too small? 
(2)   Are the ears too large or too small?
(3)   Is the tail straight or curled?
(4)   What is the rear angle of the hind legs like?
(5)   What is the type of ridge or lack of it?
(6)   Is the front straight or crooked?
(7)   What is the color... red, black grey or fawn?
(8)   What is the coat type or hair length?
(9)   Is the top line straight or roached?
(10) What is the temperament like?

Links, Videos, Stories, Top Ten List, and the cost of a TRD puppy


"How much does a TRD puppy cost?" 


A puppy will cost from...
15,000 to 64,000 TB
$500 to $2,000 USD
£300 to £1,200 UKP
E500 to E1,500 EUR

The shipping depends on where you live. You need to fill out the "Contact Form" to get an estimate cost on shipping to your country.
  1. The cages cost 6400 Thai Baht to 8800 Thai Baht ($200-$300).
  2. The cost of a TRD puppy is up to color and quality. $100 to $2000
  3. The shipping cost is figured on the dimensional size of the cage.
A normal 4 month old puppy will be shipped in a medium size cage measuring 80 cm x 55 cm x 57 cm. and weighs seven kilos. In the USA, that size cage is 31.5" x 21.5" x 22.5" and weighs 15.4 pounds.

A normal sized TRD puppy at the 4th month normally weighs about 15 kilos or 33 pounds. A full grown TRD is from 16 kilos to 30 kilos or 35 to 66 pounds depending on male or female.

Many new inquirers and buyers ask me from time to time what does "Baan Sakorn TRD" mean and when did I start it! Plus where do I live now and breed my TRD today?

Baan Sakorn TRD translates to "The House of Sakorn" and TRD means Thai Ridgeback Dog. SAKORN was my first blue male born in October of 1993 who was the first blue male to enter the USA in 1994.

It was on March 15th of 1994 (23 years ago) that I came to Thailand on a well deserved holiday. On that first night when I arrived in Bangkok, I heard dogs barking outside my hotel room. The next morning I discovered 4 silver-grey blue coloured dogs running and playing in a courtyard of that hotel. They were simply amazing to look at. I was WOWED!!! They were beyond belief for sure.. I had NEVER seen a dog like these before.There was a Thai man washing a car and when I asked him the question that everyone asks all over the world today.. 

What Kind Of Dog Is That??

He simply said,  "MAH THAI LUNG ARN!" I said.. what?? He repeated with THAI DOG.. Thus, Jack Sterling's  "THAI DOG" started that very moment in my mind..
I then bought the very first 3 MAI THAI or THAI DOG and shipped them back to San Francisco, California to be the first person to import them, show them, breed them, and sell them in the USA, Canada, and Mexico. For the nine years from 1995 to 2003 I traveled "to and from" a total of 32 different states, living on the road and had settled into 4 different homes breeding a total of 5 different litters get the breed seen as much as I could from dog shows to pet expos to walking up and down the major streets of San Francisco, Los Angeles, Scottsdale, New Orleans, Atlanta, Miami, Washington DC, New York Hartford, Philly, Chicago, St. Louis, Las Vegas, and so many other.. NINE long years looking for a home to settle into. I traveled with about 8 to 10 at one time an had as many as 33 TRD in New Jersey in 1997. I was like playing "Jackie Appleseed" in this breed, so to speak.. Finally, after a 2-3 year stay in LA County in Southern California doing a pet supply business there to earn the money each month to care for my 8 TRD, 2 Thai Bangkaew Dogs I decided to move back to Thailand and settle in Chiang Mai in the north. Here, I have been since the 11th of October 2003 doing what I love.. THAI RIDGEBACK DOGS
To all of you who has that special interest in the Thai Ridgeback Dog from Baan Sakorn TRD, I hope you have enjoyed our photos and our history in breeding these dogs. As you can see by our photos, we take great pride in producing the very best TRD we can.

All of my TRD are registered with the Kennel Club of Thailand (KCTH-FCI).

How it all began..

"Thai Silk" was the kennel name of the late Mr. Somsit Leelhausuwan in Bangkok. He had this totally marvelous Thai Champion stud dog called BLUE, but it was spelled as BULL. This same "Mah Thai Lung Arn" or in the English language a Thai Ridgeback Dog (or as I re-named them in 1994, a TRD just short for the "Thai Ridgeback Dog") as an advertising gimmick in all the dog magazines of that day in the USA because there wasn't yet the INTERNET as a tool to promote or advertise with. Most all of the BLUE TRD for the past 20+ years came from his TRD called BULL. Today, across the world, many people are using my simple term to call they own dogs of this breed.   

Remember this before you buy this breed of dog!
The TRD is NOT for everyone...

The above blue TRD is Thai Silk's BULL...

The Thai Ridgeback Dog has eight different ridge patterns:

What Kind Of Dog Is That???  

Meet my #1 BLUE female MISS POOKIE at 4 months and at 2 years..

4 months old on March 5th 2013 2 years old on Nov. 5th 2014

The two most desired colors in this breed of dog from Thailand...

Now are you thinking about buying a TRD?

Above you can see our two top male TRD puppies in 2013  
Today, Mr. WINNER is our very best male in our kennel.
Below you will see the puppies "WINNER" has so far.. 2015


Think of this before you buy...
The TRD breed may NOT be for you !!!
Do as much research as you can & ask any of our past TRD buyers or any buyer from any TRD breeder what they think of this breed. So, if you have decided that you want a TRD puppy from whomever, just remember that we are here to serve you the best we possibly can. 

The TRD is a tough, active, jungle-like dog that can be very fierce in nature and also can be very difficult to reckon with as new novice dog owner... These dogs are not for everyone. If you are to be a first time dog owner, I would strongly suggest you to forget about this breed until you are a wee bit more experienced in dogs and what they can do... Remember this is at least 10-12 years of your life too!

If you think this breed is right for you then call me for the "real ride" of your life... the Thai Ridgeback Dog

For the past 20 years, since I discovered this breed in Bangkok, I have continued to introduced to you on this website this "wonderfully incredible" and amazing breed of dog. The Thai Ridgeback Dog or Mah Thai Lung Arn, and they are called here in old Siam... I hope the TRD (and not a "TR or a TRB") will grace your homes and your lives for many a year after I am gone..

The Thai Ridgeback Dog breed comes in 4 different colors..BLUE, BLACK, RED, FAWN 
What we specialize in RED, BLUE, and sometimes BLACK...

To all of you who has that special interest in the Thai Ridgeback Dog from Baan Sakorn TRD, I hope you have enjoyed our photos and our history in breeding these dogs. As you can see by our photos, we take great pride in producing the very best TRD we can.